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User-Interface / User-Experience Designer

Hello ! My name is Thomas Blin. I am currently a third year student in Interaction Design at L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique, France. I am looking for a 4 to 6 month internship in UI/UX Design starting from September 2017.

You can contact me by mail or on my social networks. Got a minute ? Check my video

My resume

Hobi Smart Object

Hobi is a connected camera and allows a child to communicate with his parents when they are away. They can therefore see their child growing up with videos recorded on Hobi.

Project created in 2017 for my Bachelor Degree

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Victoire Website

Victoire allows you to create custom websites. During my internship, my task was to create a website with all the information necessary to understand what is Victoire and how it works.

Project created in 2016 at the agency Troopers

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Spotify Watch app

This is a personal project that I developed. The concept was to have Spotify on an Apple Watch. The idea was to be able to control your music from your watch with an optimized player. You could also use the voice search to find your music faster.

Project created in 2016.

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I have always been interested in illustration and love to draw whenever I have some free time. I usually start by drawing on paper and then recreate my illustrations digitally with my graphic tablet.

Illustrations created since 2015.

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